Workshop & Showroom

Workshop and Showroom

Visit our Showroom

Welcome in our workshop showroom.

Located at Ry, in the Maritime Seine, in the heart of the village of Mrs Bovary, bordered of a river, it is the ideal place to discover all our creations.

You like to be advised attentively and to make your decisions of purchase quietly ?
Our showroom lends itself to it very well.

On nearly 300 m2, you will be able to see all the products appearing in our catalogue and Internet site as well as many innovations, studies, parts single.

To visit our showroom, it is for you the possibility of taking time to study all the nuances of colors, matters, dimensions.

If you decide on the spot for a product, you will be able of course to carry it at once.

We have a pleasure of accommodating you on simple appointment, even the weekend.

Contact now Maxime Chanet
on +33 (0)2 35 23 90 77
or with mail contact @


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